Working funds for small business owners, “Mutual aid fund” to prepare and support & tax reduction item “Yellow umbrella deduction” of the Special Act on Comprehensive Income Tax

Working funds for small business owners, “Mutual aid fund” to prepare and support & tax reduction item “Yellow umbrella deduction” of the Special Act on Comprehensive Income Tax

The driving funds are required to pay and interesting financial activities such as the company needs to purchase of money and interesting materials.Typically, the same meaning of the management funds, and the operating funds can be appropriate for investment funds.The government policy funds for businessmen are divided into facilities funds and driving funds, but the driving funds are always requested.

▨ The feature of government support funds can be supported by various assessment standards, growth and growth of the future value of businesses, and future value.Meanwhile, SMEs can help people support without strict conditions and assessment standards, and other than the evaluation criteria.▨ The SMEs’ aid fund is a non-profit system that supports funds and delivery money to support funds to raise funds to raise funds.▨ In 1984 and the business operator is operated in 1984 and the business operator can be provided for funds and management difficulties and management of the total delivery account money.

▨ Business operators with more than four installment payments can raise funds without collateral. The funding limit is three to 10 times the total amount of premium payments. In addition, the deadline for repayment of funds can be extended up to three years.▨ Therefore, the conditions are not difficult compared to government policy funds because it has low interest rates and sufficient repayment deadlines compared to raising funds in the financial sector.

▨ Small Businesses, small companies, small companies, small businesses, small businesses, small businesses, small businesses, small businesses, small businesses, small companies, small companies, and venture companies, and venture companies can.A subscriber, medical equipment, food, restaurant, food, food, food, food, food, industrial products, and medical equipment, and medical equipment, and medical equipment, and medical equipment, storage, and insurance, food.If business operator is a business operator who runs in the local governments, the market can support for 1.50. percentage of the interest rates of 1.0. percentp.However, the benefits of local governments are limited to the early time of local governments.

▨ There are three kinds of funds procurement of funds to support funds.(ii) The Bank of the short-term management funds, etc. and bills. ▨ In this, the most short-term management funds are supported by the total amount of money delivery.▨ One-click a simple system, easy-click on Internet, which is easy to apply to the Internet, without complex documents procedures.Also, the payment fee is supported by the total payment fee is supported and the principal time.

▨ There are three main types of financing supported by the SME Mutual Aid Fund. They include short-term operating funds, bankruptcy bond funds, and check funds. ▨ Among them, short-term operating funds with the highest utilization of working funds support deposits immediately after application within 1.5 times the total amount of premium payments.▨ With a one-click simple funding system, you can apply for funds on the Internet and mobile with just one simple electronic authentication without complicated documentation procedures. In addition, prepayment fees are fully supported, allowing occasional repayment of principal in installments.

A collection of benefits for small business owners!
<Yellow umbrella deduction>

The yellow umbrella deduction provides various benefits for small business owners. Provide income deduction benefits by deduction payments.At the same time, it supports small business owners with various welfare benefits, and 3.3% annual benefit interest is applied, which is advantageous for managing funds in preparation for threats of livelihood.

▨ Under the Special Tax Act, mutual aid premiums for small business owners are supported as income tax deductions. This is the income tax deduction benefit of the yellow umbrella deduction. Income deductions can be received at the highest limit among government-supported tax cuts.▨ Additional income deductions of up to 5 million won per year can be received separately from existing deductions, supporting small business owners with a lot of tax burden, and even tax refunds are possible depending on the reduced tax rate.▨ Also, if new subscriber, the new umbrella deduction for 2 million won per year, the new umbrella deduction for a year.A yellow umbrella deduction is applied to the new umbrella deduction is applied and receive a separate year.▨ The promotion of the promotion of the local governments may be effective in the local governments, so that the benefits of local governments are closed. ▨ The people who cannot enjoy basic welfare and financial resources through welfare plus lack of funds.Of course, the benefits of health diagnosis can be beneficial to the benefits of the organization, such as organizations, and management advisory.▨ The yellow umbrella deduction is possible to join the small businesses, but it can be able to join without any industrial division.If application for special aid counselors, the documents provided for special aid counselors, the remaining documents are prepared for counselors.COMMODITY OF COMMODICATION, AND METAL STRUCTURE, METAL STRUCTURE, COMMODICATION SERVICE, COMMODICATION SERVICE, COMMOD.In this case, the source receipt of two months, you need to prove sales.For example, a subscriber industry, a specialist, a house, a house, a specialist, home, specialist, home, specialist, home, specialist, home, specialist, specialist, medical care(ii) You can’t have to do itSmall business owners can subscribe to tax-saving tips, management stabilization fund policies, and yellow umbrella deductions for small and medium-sized enterprises’ mutual aid fund benefits. Subscribe…<Copyright owner ⓒ Prohibition of unauthorized reproduction and redistribution of Korean commercial newspapers>Travelers – Travelers – Attributes 3.0 Untransplant – CTI Audio Library: Audio Library: Audio Library:された Audio Library: – – – – – – – — — — — —— Travel Lovers by Vendredi Commons : Free Download / Stream : CCBY 3.0無料ダウンロード/Stream: Audio Library によるプロモーション